Personal Details 

Name                   : Ardika.Bagus.P
Adress                 : Jl. Bromo no 8 .Bromo,Karawaci,Tangerang      
Phone no             : +62853-6753-5351

Birth date &place : Desember 30, 1994, Surakarta 
Religion                : Christian
Height / weight    : 167cm / 68Kg
 Email                   :
Instagram            : ardikabagusp
Nationality           : Indonesia


Formal Education
2000-2006       : Finished elementary school in “Xaverius 4” Palembang,Indonesia
2006-2009       : Finished junior high school in “Fransiskus” Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.
2009-2012       : Finished senior high school in “Xaverius” Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.
2012-2016       : Music at Harvest Theological in Lippokarawaci,Tangerang ,Indonesia.

Additional Skills

  1. Music (Guitar, Bass, piano )
  2. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  3. The ability to explain a concept or subject in variety of ways.
  4. Excellent understanding of how children develop and learn.
  5. IT skills (Microsoft Office, Adobe Premiere)
  6. Being patient, polite and understanding at all times and particularly when dealing with learners who have learning difficulties or special needs.
  7. Objective
  8. Established and maintained positive relationships with students, parents, and colleagues.

Music Qualifications

  1. Weddings
  2. Opening act for ten2five at Summarecon Mal Serpong.
  3. Performed at Teras Kota.
  4. Regular band at Bsteakgadingserpong.
  5. Regular band at PizaEbira max box Karawaci.
  6. Regular band at SupermalKarawaci.
  7. Regular band at Eatstreet Mal ArthaGading.
  8. Regular band at pisakafe Flavor Bliss.
  9. Regular band at Mal @ AlamSutera.
  10. Reguler band at Evolution Bar&Lounge Taman Sari.
  11. Reguler band at Imagine Bar&LoungeGadingSerpong
  12. etc
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